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Talking Trade | FAQ’s


Q - Can a workshop be tailored for a specific group or industry?

A – Yes. Our workshops involve techniques that apply to all roles and professions, but we can also apply a particular theme, such as team-building or sales, to the content.

Q - What is the content of the workshops?

A – We’re often asked this one. And our answer is that we don’t publish the content of the two-day workshops for commercial reasons and because we prefer delegates to come with an open mind. The results and feedback we receive tell us that our content is right. We are also happy to put you in touch with clients who have attended the different types of workshop.

Q - If we wanted a tailored programme rather than a one-off workshop, how would you go about doing this?

A – Our approach is to understand your business need, draw up an initial design, agree the detailed design, run a pilot session, make adjustments based on feedback from the pilot, and then rollout the programme.

Q - Can you tailor a programme around a specific theme or a methodology?

A – Yes. We would sit down with you, discuss what you wanted, and talk through our experience of what works.

Q - Who are the workshops aimed at?

A – Our workshops are for all types of businesses wishing to improve their sales and communication skills either one-to-one, one-to-many, or in the virtual world of voice conferences.  We can also accommodate different levels of seniority – though we recommend that delegates on each workshop are either the same level or work in the same team.