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Talking Trade | Testimonials


‘I had a great time. I feel I can trust myself now to be spontaneous’

‘An absolute success’

‘I put my team through the presentation skills workshop and was delighted with it. It was excellent and it also served as a great team bonding experience’

‘The approach is refreshingly different, absorbing and very testing’

‘It was great meeting you last week. You helped us a lot’

‘Thank you for your support with me and the team. It was a pleasure working with you again. The team really valued your input and guidance’

‘This workshop was a great experience. I think about it every time I have to give a presentation’

‘You and Graham did a terrific job. It was fun informative and really helpful. I learned a great deal’

‘Great to work with you. Thank you for the experience’

‘We all really enjoyed working with you and found the workshop extremely helpful’

‘Thank you so much. Your feedback was very useful’

‘The sales team were buzzing about the session ’

‘The course was very interesting and informative and I see real imediate value from attending it’

‘The techniques and your feedback were great. Thank you to you both’

Excellent presentation training! The session has been a great help for me returning to live presentations for the first time since the pandemic. The coaching gave some completely new insights on both performance skills and how to approach content. The tips were very easy to implement, and have made a big difference to my delivery when presenting both in-person and online.

‘You will surprise yourself on this programme’

‘I have no hesitation in recommending them’

‘By far the best training I have ever attended’

‘A strong and intelligent mix of practical exercises, instructor-led sessions and group interaction’

‘This course has the power to really change the way people think and operate in the work place’

‘It was genuinely eye-opening and a great pleasure to attend’

‘Thank you John for your great partnership’

‘I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for your time and dedication to our sessions over the past couple of months. I really appreciate all the guidance you have shown me, especially around leadership within my virtual team here at Qlik as well as my presentation style and technique’

‘Lots of fantastic information and advice which has already made an impact in my approach to virtual meetings, presentation and understanding the audience my message it reaching before delivery’

‘Thanks John. Really helpful feedback, I really enjoyed the session and it was great working with you!

‘Thank you so much again for this great session’

‘Thank you very much again for your time on Tuesday. It was great meeting you and I felt my time was very well invested’

‘On behalf of the team. I would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ for today’s informative and entertaining workshop. I have no doubt that we will all benefit over the coming weeks and months as we start to apply many of the techniques and principles that we covered today’

‘I want to thank you for this amazing workshop, the best workshop I have ever joined. You and Graham are very inspiring and motivating and your feedback encouraged me and gave me confidence.’

‘Great working with both you and Graham. The intensity of the workshop has left a lasting impact so thank you for your passion!’

‘Performing in front of an audience is the best course I have ever attended. The teaching style is great and kept me captivated at all times. John and Graham make a great team and are truly inspiring; the techniques they taught me have led to people commenting on how dynamic my style of presentation is’

‘Thank you once again for your superb course. Although I found it very difficult, I enjoyed it immensely and the guidance and enthusiasm of John and Graham was a huge help in what has always been a difficult area for me’

‘Hard working but probably the best training I have ever been on’

‘A really worthwhile use of two days’

‘Brilliant. I can now see how to control the pace and engage an audience’

‘I now see business presentations as performances’

‘Wow. This workshop should be compulsory for anyone involved in presentations’

‘Just a quick note to say the course was excellent and thoroughly enjoyable! The feedback from the team was extremely positive… It was a great learning environment.’

‘I believe having you at the rehearsal on Monday evening made a huge difference. It certainly helped me greatly to improve my performance and it made sure my spokespeople felt supported’

‘Thank you for our coaching session at Forum. I still have a lot to learn but this was a great start’

‘Thank you. I found your coaching particularly engaging and of real value. I really enjoyed today’

‘Thank you for your help. I had great feedback on the session’

‘The course was invaluable and exceptionally inspirational’

‘I have participated in 6 formal presentation skills courses in my career. Talking Trade is , BY FAR, the most unique and helpful. The concept of treating a presentation like a performance is truly unique, and truly appropriate. I can’t remember much from the other 5 courses I took. I will never forget the key messages from Talking Trade’

‘I have participated in many training sessions over my career , and have trained people in similar sessions, the brilliant job you have done is well above others – you made it an experience’

‘You took me out of my comfort zone in a very safe/gentle manner and I feel that I am better for the journey’

‘Hands down, the most beneficial training I’ve been to! Thank you so much for your time and energy’

‘Thank you so much for the thoughts, learnings and insights. This truly was a marvellous experience that I will recommend to others & reflect on cheerfully for years to come!’